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VIP: Interview with Marco Dimitri

Marco Dimitri, is surely the most famous character about satanism. He is a celebrity in Italy as in foreign countries, in Japan still even two books about him. He was interviewed by CNN, Australian ABC, BBC and other famous broadcasters. Us of “VIP”, decided to meet him in city of Bologna where he lives.
What we see is a blond guy, a boy which shows charm and charisma.
We met in a park, he came riding a black skateboard with a white logo “that is Zero’s logo, a famous brand of skateboards…” he said.

Marco, can you say with your own personal words what satanism is?

It is a noble ideology that see in human being, artistical, scientifical, expressive capacities as fulcrum of an estetical and perceptive emancipation. Human being is the measure of anything, through rationality, arts and sciences he is able to break down superstitions, religions and mental borders. Satanism is art to expressing and expanding our own consciousness with constancy, research, passion, feeling and logic.

Satan really exist?

If you mean the “catholic Satan” answer is no, he does not exist, so like spirit, who believes in spirits and divinities substantially is a poor person without culture. Spirits and divinities are the failed people’s invisible friends. With term “Satan” we mean the antagonism to religious obscurantism.

Marco Dimitri

Marco Dimitri

How can you be sure about the inexistence of spirits?

Simply because matter still to proclaime herself, to renewal herself changing forever without the necessity to add spirit as variant. If we get informed, if we go to see what we passed in past, we should note that who got misunderstood for spirits, angels and divinities occuped space, time and places, the needed a physical contact, of effects that can appear miraculous and perhaps, those effects are much comprehensible today in technologic era.

People from other planets?

I can’t exclude that, we all know ancient representations, pictures that shows Mary with behind a flying disc over the sky, even ancient representations which shows Christ’s baptism and an enormous circular “starship”.

What i am saying you is what representations shows, i’m not inventing that even because i’m not an ufologist and i don’t take care about it. If i answered that question, simply is because spirits, angels, divinities did not appear out of nowhere, they needed to came from sky to rest on a mount, they needed to adopting physical laws in order to interact. That’s not much spiritual i think…

What you believe about 2012?

I can assure yourself, world will not end, even because matter always existed and it will forever modify continuing her evolution. Obiousvly mechanism which make matter proclaim herself is a death-reborn one, something get devoured and something of new get producted, even us eat something else, we eat and we can’t do differently, we must devour something to continuing our life process. 2012 is a famous year because according to Maya civilization, and not just it, a planetary cycle will be closed, we will enter in a new era considered next to the current one. Anyway is false about people that will change doing an “evolutive jump”, human being is too much away from an evolute form that does not cover foolishness we see everyday. Because at the end we all realize to be surrounded by “zombies”, by idiots. Just think today, people still genuflect theirselves to statues and still believe in spirits without realize to being plagiarized and tricked out in a so evident way.

Is most easy that in 2012 opposite will happens, money crysis will quickly lead to a great depression and will be a next war, a new world order… Than maybe, in that case Maya did not wrong, a qualitative jump is just possible with a reset.

You believe in love?

Love is not a creed, is a personal feeling, you can feel that or not, surely love is not a commandment.

What you think about homosexuality?

I am beginning to worry… Seriously i think anyone should be free to express his own nature, or better, he must express his own nature and consider idiot who discriminates. Just a mind without light can be racist, homophobic and shabby. Gay marriage is right, and i don’t see why Catholic Church interferes with his mental junk any law proposal in favor to gay couples.

That’s an heavy statement…

Even homophobia is.

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