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In a pleasant surprise, before Season 3 of ‘Scream The TV Series’, we get to visit our friends in Lakewood for a Halloween Special.

The following review of ‘Scream’: “Halloween Special” contains minor spoilers. You’d be best to see the episode first, but you’ll be fine to call up the review before as well. Enjoy Screamers.

Boy, oh boy. Where do I even begin residents of Elm Street? I had absolutely no idea about this special Scream The TV Series episode until I happened to see it on my DVR. I am extremely glad I did!


The cast of ‘Scream’ in ‘Scream: Halloween Special’ – Courtesy of MTV

The focus on Brandon James is put on the back burner for the Scream: “Halloween Special”. Instead, our pals at Lakewood decide to go to an island while investigating a story of a murder committed by a young girl, Anna Hobbs. The story is much like the story of Lizzie Borden.

Naturally, the Scream “Halloween Special” is almost a stand-alone entity. Within the first five minutes, there are two murders –The body count rises from there. Though there’re some confusing things going on as well.

The story revolves around Gustavo and Noah’s need to write a new comic for their publisher. Not sure when they wrote the first comic but okay. This is why the crew goes to the island. How long is this supposed to be after the end of season 2?

More perplexing is the fact that Audrey has a new girlfriend Gina. I don’t remember her from either season. It’s like she’s materializing out of nowhere and with no background on her. So one would think she is fodder for the killer, but surprisingly she’s not.


This is possibly the BEST episode of Scream The TV Series to date. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. At times, the episode feels more like a movie. It has everything fans love about the movies.

It is also worth mentioning, that I think this ONE two-hour episode had a higher body count than the entire last season. Not to mention said kills seem to be more brutal. The killer gets an interesting costume upgrade, though it’s a little cliche for us hardcore horror fans.


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