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US bigot Brian Camenker vows to fight gay marriage in Taiwan

Taiwan’s highest court ‘imposed homosexuality-based marriage’ on the island nation, much to the annoyance of Brian Camenker, a right wing loon who believes that gays want to throw Christians like him into concentration camps.

Camenker heads MassResistance, a “pro-family” outfit intent on spreading homophobia across the globe. In 2015 he told the World Congress of Families that the #LGBT movement was a “house of cards” that is:

Held together by force, intimidation, and propaganda.

However, it can be destroyed by standing up to it, the way communism was.

We are in a war. They [gay activists] would send us to concentration camps if they could.

According to a LifeSiteNews report (link in intro) Camenker suggested “corruption” was the reason that court had  instructed the Taiwan parliament that it has two years to pass a law allowing same-sex “marriages” or they will automatically become legal.

The Justices of the [Taiwanese] Supreme court have a term limit of eight years. But they are allowed to hold concurrent government posts by the President’s direct assignment. This directly affects their careers and especially their income.

The Taiwan court called the current inability of homosexuals to get married:

Obviously a gross legislative flaw.

MassResistance reacted by saying:

We’ve been told by several sources that the expected Court ruling on Wednesday will initiate a massive reaction and that the fight will continue and even accelerate — unlike in the US where the national pro-family movement basically wrung its hands and accepted it.

Ahead of the court ruling, MassResistance said on its website:

The mainstream media in Taiwan regularly reports that polls show that ‘gay marriage’ is favored by a majority of the people. But the president of a Taiwanese pro-family think-tank – who is also a MassResistance activist – says that in fact the majority of people oppose it and (similar to the US presidential polls last year showing Hillary Clinton winning by a landslide) the polls being cited are phony.

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