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Before to all we specify NOT to be followers of the devil, we DO NOT believe in the existence of spirits, NOT believe in the existence of Satan, NOT believe in the existence of God.
For us “Satan” is just a term to identify opposition to obscurantism intellectual perpetrated by religions.
Moreover, historically and etymologically “Satan” is a term with ancient roots, probably used since Ancient Egypt as “Set” “An” (North and South respectively, opposites), which later became in Hebrew “shaitan”, in our language “Satan” always without losing their term meaning to identify opposition.

Bambini di Satana name (in English “Children of Satan”) was given at the beginning just by journalists because we were all teenagers, but at the same time, eager to emerge his ego, his own nature, involved in the brightness of the subject, only true malleable reality.
We kept the original name, so “Bambini di Satana” has remained unchanged, we adopted because itself identifies the purity of the rationalist ideal.

Well as being rational and against religious ideology, whatever it is, we respect the rights and dignity of existence, but we want to only deal with what you touch, you see, is modified according to the will and according to scientific research. Not infrequently you see in the cultural antithesis religions and superstitions, we do it exclusively when there are mass induction, when it is dispensed to a false truth, or at least a contrived for the purpose of destabilizing, control or suppress. Our work on land is already active since 1982

  • Monitoring religious abuse that use the irrational as a method of induction.
  • Promoting official science as an evolutionary system
  • Dissemination of information material relating to the above points.
  • Dissemination through the media of the above points.


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