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Underground, interview with Marco Dimitri

In the world of serious and rational satanism, Marco Dimitri is always the number one. Interviewed by broadcasters such as CNN, ABC News, some Japanese issuers, even his interviews are present in two books in Japan. Do not miss the interviews to a TV in New York, the Costanzo Show, with Marco Balestri, Alberto Castagna, Father Amorth, Michele Cucuzza, Emmanuel Milingo, Msgr. Corrado Balducci, Gianfranco Funari, Bruno Vespa.

Marco, who are the Children of Satan?

The Children of Satan is a free cultural association apolitical and nondenominational .

Their goal?

Promote rationality as an evolutionary tool, dab the religious horror that continues to keep the people in a state of involution. The real rational Satanist was Galileo Galilei with his scientific method . The whole evolution that we have achieved the merit research, passion note, experiment, write down, until you reach a repeatable result. Not at all the scientists, the Simple researchers, who dared to investigate, were put at the stake. Today is a bit ‘different, we think not only the church in the buffer the research but also the new age, the pseudo-science , the conspiracy . Different ways to express the stupidity, to replace with the spiritual that instead has a wonderful dynamic and can be malleata. I refer to the pure and simple matter, to his eternal existence and continuous transformation. Always wins on faith, indeed faith is constantly changing to adapt to scientific achievements.

Why Satan?

Because “satan” is not a name, not a spirit, not even the spirits exist. Satan is a term with a precise meaning: opponent. The enemies were and are addressed as Satan. The use of this term for us shows a form of involution and obscurantism contrast. A nom de guerre, even provocative, but in line with its meaning.

Marco DimitriMarco what you think of the other Satanic groups?

There aren’t other Satanic groups. There are people who worship the Catholic devil and they too are Catholics considered that Satan is born and dies with the Catholic religion.  If we exclude the tiresome sectarian and regressive forms. Satanism is an opposition precise to cut the umbilical cord between people and religions, between reality and dream. The fake Satanists gtoups do nothing but increase the involution prejudice attached to dogmas which are the intellect death and free-thinking.

What do you think of the massacres conducted of religious extremism?

I think that a religious has already perceived as an extreme world view, inconsistent, totally illogical. The madness comes from the contrast between faith and objective reality, finding correspondences and findings in reality the religious detonates into madness. Inconsistency that has no field that is rational and consistent, therefore becomes violent, represses, elects enemies enemies really are not, groups similar to reinforce the stupid ideal. In this case the devastation, when that was impossible with the use of the institutions and with political unions, can take violent forms, as indeed we are seeing. The religion has two ways to destroy, the first is quick, it blows up in a secular environment, the second is longer in time, takes away the fundamental rights to its enemies, isolates them and leads them to self-destruction. The Sentinels Standing, for example, move to prevent the rights of homosexuals to found a family, to have a life. We have seen suicide because teenagers are unable to live in a world that rejects them and marginalizes them.

Are You gay?

You’re not my ideal of a man, I’m sorry.

What do you think of gays and their rights, from marriage to adoption?

They are people who love each other, should have the same rights as heterosexuals, no scientific research has ever published that homosexuality is an injury or a disease, indeed, studies have shown that children of same-sex couples are happy people and more than normal . So the denial of rights, as well as rooted in ignorance, is anti-scientific, religious and political whim.
If we follow the news, we see that cases such as that of Fortune child, are so many. Children abused or killed within normal heterosexual families.
The reality is that the repressed, or religion, manifest their hatred against those believed to be weaker.

Would you adopt a child?

No, I would not be able to take care of him, they are too chaotic and even I struggle to keep up with myself, let alone a child.

Marco, what is there after death?

The funeral…

Come on, seriously, what is it?

It has not been shown anything, therefore I could not give an answer right

But what you think?

I speculated that if nothing existed before we were born, so I was not there, as I did then to be there? I then suggested that consciousness is a product of the universe to contemplate itself, if the universe brought forth life and consciousness means that are useful to its evolution mechanism. I do not speak about reincarnation but of something material, perhaps the consciousness continues to see the world from the inside of something else. That if indeed the evolutionary mechanism we need an observer and a modifier. Are absurd ideas, I hypotheses that I think we do a little ‘all those that remain. Nothing so concrete. At present I have to say that there will be nothing left.

Marco you’ve also known Margherita Hack ?

On his birthday, I gave her two books. It’s a wonderful person, a great worker for the human rights, a layman pride, as well as great scientist. I mention this because I think her was a star and, like all the stars, when they die we continue to see their light.

Your political affiliation?

I do not feel represented by any party, I see politics as something dirty, a mockery. So I would call an anarchist but I hate to call me and label me.

Your favorite sport?

Skateboarding, i love skateboarding

What do you think of bullying?

Do not let the bullies at school I was one of them, a bully, a pack leader, I arrived well to pull a bucket of water on top of the principal from the third floor as he passed in the yard. He was very angry.

We think … What do you say?

He said the same phrase used to say every time a trick a damage: “What should I do with you eh? What should I do? Tell me your opinion, what should I do? “. It was a broken record …

Your parents?

I was orphaned when I was 14

Since you started them to be interested in Satanism?

Do not try!

To do what?

A psychoanalyze, also because I already was interested from the age of 12 years. Not always a trauma is a trigger, but certainly helps. However we do not try to see the whole thing as a deviation from the path, because the others are deflected, they are those who deviate from rationality, logic.

Ok I try not … Favorite food?

Pizza, ice cream, chips

So the science is the key to everything?

At least it should. Evolution has as leverage science. I hope that citizens evaluate this option because they often become obstacles to research, we see behind conspiracy, marketing etc. Then maybe they spend 30 Euros for a small vial containing homeopathic water and is based on the memory of water. Come on, the water has no memory, the only memory he has is that of the counter … some bills! Returning to science that Woody Allen used to say: “There is nothing wrong in science, I between the pope and the air conditioning … I choose the air conditioning.”


What do you do or have you done?

A detective

Comics? What comics do you like?

Dylan Dog, Cattivik, Mickey, some manga

Favorite TV series?

The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf, The Big Bang Theory

What do you think of racism ?

The man has always seen bad who is not part of the pack. It is not only a current phenomenon. We Italians also arrived in America on board the boats and have exported well as the Mafia.
The racist is a repressed repression unleashed on diversity not conceiving as differences. The current phenomenon, however, is no longer bearable, petty crime starts to give much trouble, Add to this the attacks, massacres … At one point, the citizen must also defend themselves. Despite this many are racist for skin color, even to those immigrants who work honestly and are integrated. However crime exercised by some immigrants makes them can not be integrated, increases hatred. Even the Chinese are immigrants but are not acts of petty crime, were non-Chinese who beat the cops for easy control documents, there were no rapes committed by the Chinese. Apparently they behave well and are hard workers. Here racism is rarely exercised.


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