The legend of Freddy Krueger

Frederick Charles Krueger, the bastard son of 100 maniacs, was born in the early 1940s. His birth was the result of an unholy conception by his mother, Amanda Krueger, a nun at the Our Lady Of Sorrows criminal asylum in Springwood, Ohio. One year, over the Christmas holiday, Amanda was accidentally locked inside the asylym with all of the inmates, who proceeded to brutally attack and rape her repeatedly. She was left for dead, but officials found her, still alive but now pregnant, after the holidays. Subsequently, that wing of the hospital was closed and later became the Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital.

Distraught, Amanda decided to keep the baby, but gave it up for adoption soon after it was born. She figured the child could have a better life with a real family, not knowing the circumstances surrounding his birth. The man who adopted the child was a Mr. Underwood, who lived at 1428 Elm Street in Springwood. A poorer choice could not have been made. Mr. Underwood, a known alcoholic, proceeded to nickname the child Freddy and subjected him to nonstop abuse, both physically and mentally, during his entire time inside the house.

That behavior soon began to rub off on Freddy, as he began to exhibit the same behavior as his stepfather practically as soon as he started elementary school. He was constantly picked on during his school years, taunted with chants of “son of 100 maniacs!” Freddy didn’t hurt anyone, though. He instead took his aggression out on helpless animals, including stray cats and dogs, and one time, the school hamster.

As a teenager, Freddy was no longer against the abuse of his stepfather. In fact, he accepted it, telling Mr. Underwood straight out that the secret of pain is to “stop feeling it and start using it”. Not long after, Freddy killed Mr. Underwood and fled.

freddy krueger


With that negative influence gone from his life, Freddy seemed to have recovered and got his life going in the right direction. He took a job as the janitor at a local power plant, married a woman named Loretta, and in 1961, had a daughter named Kathryn. Everyting seemed to be fine in this typical small, middle American town.

However, unbeknownst to Loretta and the rest of the town, Freddy was secretly instrumental in committing a series of child murders. Freddy would use his job to his advantage, and recruit the young children, primarily little girls, to the boiler room of the plant using an ice cream truck, where he would torture, rape and kill them in very grisly ways. Freddy even took it a step further, creating his own weapons, which included a series of hideous looking gloves, all with four metal talons constructed on the end.

The bodies began turning up, and the town was instantly sent into a panic. Police were equally baffled, and dubbed the killer ‘The Springwood Slasher’.

In 1966, when Kathryn was just six years old, Loretta discovered Freddy’s mysterious chamber in the basement of their home. She found many of the weapons he had hidden there as well as photographs of young children, jars with entrails, and much more of the macabre. Freddy confronted her, and she promised she wouldn’t tell. Enraged, Freddy strangled her to death right in front of Kathryn for “snooping in his special work”.

The murders went on unsolved until police caught a break in 1968 and got a confession from Kathryn regarding her mother’s disappearance. From there, officers caught Freddy red-handed with one of his victims, his razor-claws bloody and dripping off of his right hand. Freddy was arrested and Kathryn was placed into foster care. She was adopted by the Burroughs family and taken away from Springwood, her records sealed to conceal her true identity.

In 1968, in the middle of his high-profile trial, the defense attorneys got rich when they discovered Krueger’s arrest warrant was not signed correctly. At that point, the judge had no choice but to dismiss all evidence and release Freddy, much to the chagrin of the rowdy crowd in attendance, many of whom were the parents of Elm Street who lost their children to his fury.

Freddy retreated back to the power plant where he worked, hiding out in his boiler room as he prepared to flee. The parents, however, were furious. They got together and formed an angry mob, found Freddy in his boiler room and burned it to the ground using gasoline and molotov cocktails. They stood back and watched it burn, listening as Freddy wailed in agony and gave them their vigilante justice.

As the flames engulfed him, Freddy was approached by three dream demons. These demons roam the land of the living in constant search of the most evil soul they can find. They offer to give that person the power of turning dreams into reality, in exchange for a hefty price– their soul for all eternity. Eager to get revenge on the Elm Street parents and continue his path of carnage, Freddy accepts their offer to “be forever” and as his mortal body died, Freddy became something much, much worse. The stuff nightmares are made of.

The parents involved swore secrecy and buried his remains in the Penny Bros. Auto Salvage yard in the trunk of an old red Cadillac. To continue the cover-up, Donald Thompson, one of the officers involved, moved his family into Freddy’s old house on 1428 Elm Street. Amanda Krueger, who had followed Freddy’s trial, hung herself in the tower of the asylum where she was raped. Thus, with Amanda dead and Kathryn gone from Springwood, all the loose ends were now tied up.

As time passed, the memory of Freddy Krueger faded, becoming an urban legend to the children of Springwood. Neighborhood children made up a nursery rhyme referencing him to jump rope to (1, 2, Freddy’s coming for you…) and casually spoke of “Freddy” as a general boogeyman figure- though the reference’s origin was lost on them.

Beginning in the early 1980s, mysterious deaths were reported in the teenage population of Springwood. Most victims reportedly died in their sleep, with accompanying wounds reminiscent of the Springwood Slasher’s methods. The first victims of this epidemic were children of the parents who were involved with Krueger’s death. By the 1990s, the epidemic had spread to all of Springwood’s children and teenagers. Those affected reported a man trying to kill them in their nightmares. This man wore a red and green sweater, old brown fedora, was horribly burned, with a glove on his right hand with four metal talons on the fingers. The reports of this dream killer were met with skepticism- though it did instill a fear in those who remembered Fred Krueger. Most parents dismissed the idea that Krueger had returned to take his revenge, believing that the deaths were the result of suicide.

Unfortunately for the town of Springwood, the parents were wrong. Krueger was back and in a big way. The dream demons had given Freddy the power to take action and kill within dreams. Krueger could appear in any form he wanted and could change the dream in any way to achieve his ends. Physical harm inflicted by Krueger in a dream would carry over to the real world, and absorbing his victim’s soul would gain him more power to further influence the line between dreams and reality. In addition, fear of Krueger’s memory would allow him to eventually return in cases of defeat or imprisonment.

Though Freddy was powerful within dreams, he did have limitations and weaknesses. Krueger’s influence extended to Springwood’s borders only. He could also suffer temporary defeats that would leave him powerless for an undetermined amount of time. If the dreamer had hold of him within the dream and was awakened, Freddy could be physically carried out from that dream and hurt. Even though Krueger’s defeats were numerous, he would eventually resurface and begin killing again.

By the year 2000, Krueger succeeded in murdering all of Springwood’s children. He kept the remaining adults in a mass psychosis and was now powerful enough to manipulate reality (to a limited degree). In an effort to escape Springwood’s borders, Freddy arranged the arrival of his long lost daughter: Kathryn. Krueger’s attempt to unleash his evil upon the world was thwarted by his daughter, resulting in his short-term demise.

After Freddy’s hold over Springwood was broken, the remaining population sought to revitalize it. As new families began moving in to repopulate the dilapidated town, Freddy returned and began killing again. This time though, Springwood’s parents and officials took immediate action. All official documents and obituaries referencing Krueger were edited. Teens that reported dreaming of Freddy were taken to Westin Hills Psychiatric hospital for quarantine, and remaining teens were prescribed the experimental drug Hypnocil to keep them from dreaming. Springwood’s efforts to neutralize the fear of Freddy Krueger had worked- leaving Freddy powerless and forgotten in the minds of Springwood’s new generation of children.

In the late summer of 2003, Krueger returned for a short period. While he remained trapped in limbo, Freddy was able to view the dreams of supernatural behemoth Jason Voorhees, a fellow boogeyman who rampaged through the town of Crystal Lake, New Jersey. In an attempt to escape his prison, Krueger manipulated Voorhees into traveling to Springwood and begin killing on Elm Street. Freddy hoped that the resulting confusion would instill the fear needed for his resurrection. Within days of Jason’s killing spree, fear that Krueger had returned gripped the small town and made the people think that the Springwood Slasher had returned. Freddy was now strong enough to return, but deterring the unstoppable Voorhees proved difficult. A physical clash between the two resulted, which left Krueger defeated and powerless once again.

Since Freddy confronted Jason Voorhees, his resurgences have been brief and limited in consequence. Due to Springwood’s children either not knowing about or fearing Krueger, he continues to be contained within limbo…waiting for his next opportunity to strike.

So, in the meantime, whatever you do, DON’T FALL ASLEEP!

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